Hi! Coolboy here! Your local admin bringing you a new activity, which I like to call: 
 Such an awesome logo, I know. Thank Chunky, the founder of this wiki for it! Here's how it'll work! And by it'll, I mean the actual vote out game, as you all probably guessed.


1. No Swearing in the comments.

2. Vote for someone you want to be eliminated and which team you want to lose next time.

3. Have fun! 


Woah, got a lot of votes!

Okay, so who looses?

Let's see the votes:

Kinosewak: 8

Maswak: 8

Wow, a tie. But, I choose, Kinosewak. So, Kinosewak lost! Who gets immunity, find out below!

Immunity Votes:  

Topher: 4

Jasmine: 2

Scarlett: 1

Samey: 1

If you are wondering who have been immune if Maskwak had lost well, I am going to show you as well, so yeah.

Ella: 4

Shawn: 2

Beardo: 1

Sky: 1

So Ella would have been immune if Kinosewak had lost, but they didn't so Topher is immune, no voting for him!

Character   In Or Out   Ranking  
Amy Up For Voting TBA
Beardo Safe TBA
Dave Safe TBA
Ella Safe TBA
Jasmine Up For Voting TBA
Leonard Safe TBA
Max Up For Voting TBA
Rodney Up For Voting TBA


Up For Voting TBA
Scarlett Up For Voting TBA
Shawn Safe TBA
Sky Safe TBA
Sugar Safe TBA
Topher Immune TBA

Setting out the votes

Here's how you vote: 

Person who should be eliminated: (Team Kinosewak's up for elimination, so it has to be one of them, but not Topher, he's immune).

Team I want to Lose For Next Time: *Insert name here* 

Person I want to have immunity on the loosing team For Next time: *Insert name here*


So, vote!

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