This page features the interactions between Jasmine and Samey.


Total Drama: Pahkitew IslandEdit

In So, Uh This Is My Team? they are put on Team Kinosewak together.

In I Love You, Grease Pig Jasmine and Amy join together to search for food, then Samey joins and they both become friends very quickly. When Samey is about to eat a dangerous apple, Jasmine stops her, and watches Samey get an itch from the apple.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, Jasmine gives Samey a pep talk as they continue to search for food. Later, she then leaves Jasmine to talk to Shawn, at the end of the episode, in the confessional, she compliments Samey eliminating Amy.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, Samey pretends to be Amy by putting a blueberry where Amy's mole would be while she is picking food with Jasmine, throughout the episode Jasmine reminds Samey to act like Amy, and keeps her secret.

In A Blast From The Past Jasmine is shocked when Amy comes out of the water and fights Samey.



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